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Fillipino Help wanted

Hello, I wonder if you help Fillipinos to work. I have a retail biz in the mall and prefer to hire fillipino women as a part time sales. They are hard working and friendly to people from my experience.

We are based on franchise biz and they are located all over USA with 70 stores/kiosk/carts by running all different owners. Company name is Soho style. But we are not related to Soho district in NYC. The main item we are selling is high end Hair extensions and Swarovski hair accessories. Hair extensions are covering  functional ones also who have been losing a lot of hairs with many different reasons. I have my own location in Natick mall as a Cart and want to open one more location in MA. For these 2 locations I need part time sales persons who are passionate and friendly and responsible. 

In addition we give the opportunity to open own biz if interested with recommendations of the owners in future.

For the item informations you can check our website which runs by Soho HQ.

I will take resume to review and will inform the interview schedule.  

Helen Chou <

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